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This product will clear your child's mind, release negative energy, and balance their emotions through that rough teething and may even give you both more rest! Our Amber teething bracelet is here to help baby and mom through a first-year challenge.  Amber stone is not technically even a stone, it's a fossil resin. Beautiful amber jewelry is sold in and among gemstone jewelry collections because it has many of the same healing functions as healing crystals. Protect your child's psychic aura with the healing effects of amber. There are a lot of myths about amber and it's succinic acid content being released when the body of the person wearing the jewelry heats the resin. Succinic acid is a natural analgesic chemical that is a healing pain reliever, can reduce inflammation, and even boost the body's immune system!  Pretty amazing right? Yes! However, this study shows that there is no significant release of succinic acid from amber beads. Thus, if you're a little less "woo woo" and a little more "show me the science" keep reading. I know what you're wondering "Why, pray tell, Gymini Lifestyle, are you selling teething wrist accessories instead of a necklace when the mouth is closer to the neck?" The reason is simple and also explained in the previous article! And that reason is simply, but severely to avoid the risk of strangulation completely! The main benefit we've learned from the article is that there is the presence of infrared light emission in amber. So we'll lean on that being the reason these accessories have historically been used, and thought to be beneficial. We do not recommend you buy an amber teething necklace for your infant(s)! Buy a resin bracelet instead. For a more grown child with stronger motor function, an amber necklace is the perfect gift for growing pains, or other chronic pain issues (though unfortunate) that some children and even adults experience. 

  • Succinic acid is NOT the scientifically conclusive "x-factor" in amber that's healing. Why does it work then? The newer theory is that it is the infrared light emission from the amber when it's warmed. And this is true for all gemstone therapy. Science is still seeking to understand the mechanisms behind the therapeutic benefits of gemstones, and infrared light therapy. So, ethically we cannot claim, and will not claim that this will 100% work! We will say, it could work for some reason that is yet illusive to us. And most importantly, it won't hurt! (because a bracelet is not wrapped around the neck, and cannot strangle your child). Do be mindful, as always, of choking hazards if the bracelet is broken, or damaged. Safe and fashionable, also comes in 14 different colors.  This feature is perfect for those mothers that color coordinate every one of their baby's adorable outfits!
  • Try a natural alternative to giving your baby medication first! See if it works! And if not, you'll just have a super stylin' baby that loves to accessorize! Make your life peaceful again and have a happy baby!

Makes a Great Gift for Baby Showers:

Know someone that is expecting soon? Everyone at the baby shower will nod in appreciation when they see this baby gift. Why? Because they or someone that they know swears by amber bracelets for teething pain!  An adorable gift to bolster child cuteness and make the rough days easier for baby and mom. Easy to toss in as a little extra gift along with a wide variety of other baby gifts.


  • Each bracelet is perfect for cute little chubby baby wrists! 5.5" in circumference. (Please check the bracelet periodically for damage. Bracelet is not meant to be sucked on or chewed. Keep the bracelet out of the baby's mouth.)  

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