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This bad boy is extreme! This Muscle Gun is sure to wow you, your family and friends with how great it works to sooth away sore muscles. (Disclaimer! This massage gun percussion tool works perfectly for muscle related pain and soreness, but it is not meant to replace any clinical diagnosis or treatment for pain, muscle or tissue damage. For best use results, begin on a lower setting and work your way up as needed.) Now your partner or children can help you out of a painful situation without massage training. Just train the tool in-on the source.  Kids get a kick out of it, just hand it to them and you'll have your very own personal theragun specialist in training!

Two colors to choose from: black, and silver!

  • Runners, muscle recovery, sports massage, fitness and body maintenance, muscle health.

  • Amplitude: about 12mm/0.47in

  • Gear position: 1-20 files

  • Speed: 1200-3300r/min

  • Charging voltage: 110-240V

  • Battery: rechargeable lithium battery 24V 2400mAh

  • Use time: 5-6 hours

  • Charging time: 2 hours

  • Display: LCD digital display

  • US Plug


  • 9.45" x 9.64" x 2.01"

Great Gift for that Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life!

Give the gift of pain relief for that person in your life with a vibration massager inspired by the viral hypervolt. It will also give your thumbs a rest for that person in your life always asking for a back rub! Much like any theragun, this tool is highly versatile and you can use it for years without spending a fortune on massages. Now granted, nothing can ever replace the power of human touch, so package it with a massage gift certificate when when it's time to buy gifts for the massage lover in your family.

The muscle gun is the product that you can take anywhere that will last through the journey, and continue to endure the tension in your over used, sore muscles. A massage percussion tool is something you'll never regret having in times of need. Friends will always love to try it out when they come to visit. You wouldn't believe how many of my friends say, "Oh man! I need one of these", after I bring it out for some healing fun. 

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