Gaiam Yoga Mat

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WARNING: This just might enlighten your yoga class!

Do you love the increased flexibility, improved balance and stress relief that yoga offers?  Do you practice pilates, and meditation? If so, then our gaiam yoga mat is the best gift for them and you!. Just look at it! The images are meant to encapsulate the beautiful interconnectedness of all things. Gaiam roughly translates to: “I am the earth.” This suede yoga mat features an enigmatic elephant (Ganesha) or a stunning gold lotus flower design, You also have the option to order our body line design to make sure you're practicing with symmetry. These alignment checks are even more effective for at-home practice where there is no instructor to correct misalignment. This yoga accessory features intricate or minimalist versions of the elephant and lotus designs. Treat yourself or someone special to this beautiful Ganesha and Lotus inspired mat.

It's 6 mm thick for beginner to intermediate yogis. This product is made with great non-slip rubber and suede. The TPE-rubber means that the mat grips the floor. The suede means that your hands and feet won’t slip. Suede is soft, smooth and feels great. 

Gorgeous golden and black design. The bottom of the mat is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a very grippy material. The top side is beautiful suede with the design of your choice!  It expresses the essence of yoga. There is a healing aesthetic to the beautiful artwork. Breath and be whole. Be sure of your grip in every pose. That confidence is a gift for any yoga warrior. 

  • Wide surface area. Durable, and tested material. The height and width are standard to that of all yoga mats, so you will never run out of mat for your side-bends.
  • Elegant vibrant gold with guidelines to track the progression of your stretches each time you practice. Or a beautiful flower and megafauna to go wherever your bend takes you.
  • Safe, durable & built to last. Long lasting for classes and at-home practice.   


  • Height: 72"
  • Width: 26.75"
  • Thickness: 6 mm

The Perfect Gift for Your Yoga Lover!

Looking for a fun gift to give a yoga enthusiast?  Then this gaiam yoga mat is an impressive and amazing gift. Many of our patrons contact us to tell us this has been a wonderful gift. How amazing would it be to use this? It's shipped ready to be gift wrapped. This is a unique present that any yoga fan will be certain to love.

Impressive Quality & Can be Taken Everywhere!

This stunning gaiam yoga mat has been tried and tested to withstand all the pressure you can give it during yoga or Pilates.  With a thermoplastic elastomer bottom, it maintains its grip on many different hard or soft surfaces. It’s suede top is great too. Roll it up and go! Stay comfortable, and balanced while you do your daily yoga routine, and love your body with ease on this wonderfully beautiful yoga accessory.

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