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WARNING: This equipment is sure to shred your pectorals and will be a great addition to your home fitness routine!

Do you – or someone else in your life – love getting in shape and doing push ups? If so, then our push up bars are the perfect gift for them (for you)! This home exercise equipment is extremely useful and works with the added benefit of a more comfortable neutral grip. Your coworkers, friends and family will be dumbfounded, when you hop on these handles and begin to hammer out reps like a monster (because you've been practicing).  Please note that it does take time to get good at this, yet you can always add a resistance by elevating your feet or doing hand stand push ups against the wall!

  • Incredibly sturdy. The strength you will gain from this item is priceless.  It really does work your guns like a true bow flex or total gym; it’s just more straight forward and to the point! Ever-increasing hypertrophy gains, and muscle strength for the horizontal push movement is within your grasp. Nobody likes feeling dissatisfied from getting less of your daily, quick, efficient strength and conditioning sessions. That’s why this home exercise tool has been made with strong metal, and high-density gripping foam so it's ready for heavy usage!
  • Large weight capacity. Do you like getting shredded? So do we. That’s why we’ve ensured that this product is extremely sturdy.
  • Comfortable hand grips for push-ups, neutral grip, supinated, pronated and wide grip options for this portable pec deck.
  • Safe, durable & long lasting. Built to last as you take it with you on the go. Easy to store in a closet when you are done with your sets for the day.  


The Perfect Gift for the fitness lover in your life!

Looking for a fun gift to give an exercise enthusiast (whether it’s for a loved one, or yourself)?  Then our push up bars are the perfect present.  We have had many customers tell us that they have increased their max repetitions immensely over the past few months. 100-1000 reps a day! This has been amazing to hear that this product is making a difference for people in the convenience of their own home! They're all happy with how these push-up handles are and how they can use congruent push up form even while wearing weighted vests to assist their reps. Plus, it's shipped in a way that makes it easy to gift wrap.  This is a unique present that any weightlifting master or novice will be sure to love.

Easy To Set Up & Safe to Take With You On The Go

Yes, they look great – but that’s not what fitness is about. These portable push up bars have been designed to be at home -- in your face -- so you can't make any excuses anymore! Take them with you when you travel and are on the road for business or vacation. With soft padding where it counts you won't mark up or do any damage to the hard wood or carpet surfaces in your home! The stable high-quality metal is sure to last through the years of your health and wellness journey. They're also light weight so you can take them with you with ease, yet sturdy so you can always feel assured you're going to be safe getting fit! With its comfortable grip, you're going to start selling tickets to the gun show. 

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