Resistance Band Kit

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Get stronger from the comfort of your home.

Want to add more dynamic exercises to your workout routine?

This resistance bands kit offers several advantages for your body, so if you are looking for alternatives to exercise easily or you like to try new ways to work out, you need the best resistance bands.

They are available in a variety of resistance levels: 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb and 30lb. Choose the resistance band kit that works for you: from just the basics set to the everything you need set. Choose one for yourself and one for a gift.

Type B: Resistance cables with lanyards handles + ankle straps 

Type C: Resistance cables with lanyards + handles + ankle straps + door anchor 

Type D: Resistance cables with lanyards + handles + ankle straps + door anchor + 5 resistance leg bands. 

With resistance bands, you can do almost any type of strength exercise; such as chest press, rows, shoulder press, triceps extension, biceps curls and even squats without using weights.

If you have never used them or are a beginner you may be surprised at the incredible benefits you can get from a resistance bands set. Simple tools are often the best for your health.

Resistance bands are a very good option to start with new movements that would otherwise be more difficult to perform. You can start by exercising with these bands and as you gain balance and control make the move to the weights. With the bands you can recreate many of the movements of workout center weight machines. You can use resistance bands in place of expensive and difficult to store weight sets.

More Benefits of Exercising with a Resistance Bands Kit

  • Perfect for training at home
  • Allows to work all muscle groups
  • You can have fun dynamic workout sessions to break monotony
  • Easy to carry with you everywhere
  • Improving strength, balance and endurance

The Perfect Gift for Anyone Starting Their Fitness Journey

If you know someone who wants to get into shape and you want to give them a hand, then these are a great gift. A resistance bands set is one of the most demanded exercise tools in recent weeks, essential for any home gym. These are the best resistance bands to tone, strengthen and stretch the body at different intensities.

Resistance bands are the most used tools for the prevention of injuries, rehab, to exercise arms, shoulders, abs, back, chest, glutes and more for a full body workout. Few gym tools will bring you so much for so little. A material that will help you work endurance, strength and burn calories in a simple and safe way.

Don’t wait to add a new stretch to your fitness journey. 

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