Massage Roller Ball

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Better muscle recovery after training

Training at home? Then a massage roller ball is exactly what you need.

This massage roller ball helps increase pressure in tight areas, break muscle knots, and hit hard-to-reach trigger points. This high-quality rollerball is made with flexible rubber that allows a deep massage without damaging the muscles. With this peanut massage ball, you can massage specific areas in need of recovery. 

Ideal to release the tension on areas such a neck, buttocks, and shoulders after an upper-body workout or after a long run, improves blood circulation and oxygenates soft tissues. Due to the size of the massage roller ball (High-Density EPP rubber 5"x 2.5"), it’s a natural complement to the foam roller.  It makes it easier to access certain areas impossible to reach with the foam roller. 

Myofascial release is as important as the training itself. After a long and tiring session, the fascia (tissue that surrounds the muscles) tends to stiffen, which can lead to the appearance of injuries.

Massaging the different muscle groups with a peanut massage ball works to make the muscles more malleable, contributing to flexibility and range of motion. 

Myofascial massage or self-release is recommended for all types of athletes, from beginners to professionals, and to improve the movement of people who don’t have a wide degree of mobility.

More Benefits of Using a Massage Roller Ball

  • Relieves tension
  • Helps to break up adhesions
  • Relief of certain contractures
  • Improves blood circulation in the area
  • Prevents injuries

 The Perfect Gift for Any Fitness Enthusiast

Recovery is also an important part of the training. This massage roller ball is great for anyone who often exercises and needs myofascial release massage. Putting pressure with a massage roller ball helps promote blood supply to the affected area, relaxing muscles that are overloaded by training and also muscles shortened due to bad postures. This will allow us to progressively gain more range of motion by preventing tensions from accumulating. Great gift for your workout partner!

Forget about stiffness and pain and have the massage you need from the comfort of your home with this peanut massage ball.

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