Galaxy Projector

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Cast the endless cosmos on your bedroom ceiling and create a celestial ambiance.  Wow your family with this great galaxy projector Bluetooth speaker, and project beautiful laser stars in your living room in ten different, beautiful lighting modes. It's so easy to use, and comes with a USB cord, and remote so you can control the galaxy from anywhere in the room. Select the setting for the right time, or person. This product also doubles as a bluetooth speaker that plays music from your favorite device. Gaze at the starry sky from your home with this groovy item. Know someone who loves looking at the stars at night? Do you or someone you love enjoy peaceful moments lying down in deep conversation. Bring the joy of something beautiful to stare at when you discuss the whimsical nature of consciousness. 

  • Incredibly realistic. The reactions you’ll get while enjoying the sights of this starry sky galaxy projector star light are priceless. Enjoy your favorite tunes as you chill and wind down from your day with friends and family (even if that's your cat!). It really does look like a true galaxy. Adjust the brightness, and choose from white, blue, green, and red LED. Our star light is bright, beautiful, sturdy and durable.
  • Huge area of projection. "I love how much luminescence and detail this product puts out."  That’s why we’ve ensured that this star projector can be used to light up your whole ceiling if you place it just right.
  • Safe, durable & long lasting. Built to last as you travel through outer space and visit Andromeda. 
  • It's a great light for kids too!
  • No more glow in the dark stickers falling off your ceiling.
  • Play whatever music or guided meditations you want. The bluetooth speaker is very easy to use.

The Perfect Gift for your Stargazing Fan!

Looking for a fun gift to give that little astronomy lover or for yourself? Give them the stars. Our galaxy projector makes the perfect present. Customer response tells us that this has been a huge hit with everyone amazed at how realistic it looks, and they love the laser stars. Plus it comes boxed which makes it easy to gift wrap.  This is a unique present that any astronomy, or astrology lover will be sure to appreciate fully.

Easy To Use & to Take With You On The Go

Yes it looks cool – but that’s not all it’s good for. This galaxy projector has been designed to play your favorite music with wonderful sound quality. With eight combinations of LED colors, it keeps any mood chill. You can clear your mind to fully relax. It's stars are visible on any ceiling. The bulbs last for years making it a solid purchase. Be sure to read the instruction manual! Step from your bedroom, living room, or family room into the vast, endless universe, all with the touch of a button! A must have for psychedelic ambiance.

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