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WARNING: This light is sure to bring joy to your home for you and your family (even if your family is a cat, dog, or house plant)!

Do you – or someone else in your life – experience a bit of the blues in the colder months of the year? If so, then our happy light is the perfect gift for them (or you!). Extremely bright, this seasonal affective disorder lamp will lighten everybody's mood when it starts getting dark after 6:00pm. Your coworkers, friends and family will be intrigued, when you start brightening up the place with your mood and your sunlight simulating desk lamp. Please note it doesn’t stimulate your skin to create vitamin D like the sun's ultraviolet rays. The stimulating effects of this product have to do with the function of the brain and its relative exposure to certain kinds of light at certain times. Read about it here.


  • Incredibly bright. The reactions you’ll get while switching on this happy lamp are priceless. It absolutely feels like you're sitting in the sunlight that normally shines through your window. No one likes that gloomy feeling of an early sunset for 8 months out of the year (depending on how seasonally affected your region is). That’s why this SAD light has been made.
  • There are 3 lighting modes for this 5 volt, 6500k light therapy panel. 
  • It has an easy-to-use stand so you can use it as a desk lamp.

  • Safe, sturdy & long lasting. Connect it to a USB port for easy use especially if you're traveling internationally!  


  • Fits easily on a desk, or nightstand, and provides plenty of light without being overwhelming.

The Best Gift for Anyone Not Living at the Equator! 

Looking for an amazing present for that person in your life who’s stuck inside all day during the winter? Or maybe they don't have windows in their office and are lacking natural sunlight for forty hours a week. Give the gift of happiness and relief from depressive emotions! Whether that gift is for a loved one, or even for yourself, it's a great idea.  Our happy lamp is the perfect solution when you're SAD.  We’ve had many customers write in to thank us, and tell us it's been a game changer for their mood, and productivity. If you're an employer, maybe your staff could use an order of these too! This is a unique present that any SAD human-being will be sure to love.

Easy to Use & Safe to Take With You On The Go

Yes, it looks cool – but that’s not all it’s good for. This happy lamp has been designed to take the dreary winters and changes them into a fulfilling experience to be enjoyed. Simulated sunlight isn't the real thing... but let me tell you, it's certainly better than darkness.  Some customers even mentioned that they leave it on when they're not home, because their pets love it! With a sturdy stand, you can point this right at you, and pull yourself right out of that zombie-like stupor. It's made with high durability plastic. Get this item, and make winter something to look forward to again!

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