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Get the results you've always wanted with no willpower, and no suffering. If that sounds like something you're interested in then a 1 on 1 virtual lifestyle coaching consultation is what you've been waiting for!

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Unfortunately... there is no certificate, or formal education degree for the path I've paved to help my clients achieve wellness. The best strategies have not, and may not ever, reach any specific field of academia. The best strategies lie in the ecology of all wellness disciplines. 

These lifestyle coaching session are, and will continue to be, my life's work. I first learned "the way" from new scientific discoveries about fascia and its interconnected relationship to the nervous, muscular, and circulatory systems. These discoveries have revolutionized the way effective massage, and bodywork are done, and have significantly improved bodywork client outcomes. Fascia is the structural webbing which lies in between all systems of the body (between all cells, bundles of cells, nerve fibers, muscle fibers, et cetra). Much like the fascia, the key to changing your life does not solely lie in studying nutrition, exercise, or meditation as separate disciplines. The key lies within the immaterial "substance" between all the pillars of life (love, health, wealth, and happiness), and all the disciplines of study (nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc.).  One mustn't simply know what to do... One must also know how to manage one's mind to actually do what it is they must do. The "fascia of life", as I call it, is our behavior, beliefs, and feelings about those behaviors and beliefs in a present temporal context, and how they can be maneuvered or guided in a way which is ultimately useful.

Join me for virtual coaching sessions to achieve your goals. I've designed a continuously evolving behavior change process that is an amalgamated of works by many great psychologists, philosophers, hypnotists, and entrepreneurs like Allan Carr, Anthony Robbins, Allan Watts, Richard Wayne Bandler, Bruce Lee, Jordan B. Peterson, Michael B. Shreeve, Joseph Campbell, & Dr. Stephen Rollnick. I've designed this program with six general sections to complete transformation, and make healthy habits a permanent part of one's life. Here they are:

  1. Goal definition, and "understanding why."
  2. Discovering action steps.
  3. Re-programming motivation to facilitate good behavior, and remove bad behavior.
  4. Troubleshooting and creating a safety net.
  5. Reflect and Repeat.
  6. Beliefs/Trauma

Each consecutive coaching session you pay for (until you have mastered the behavior change process) includes:

  • 60 minutes of virtual meeting time.
  • Personal coaching plan (off camera) research and development time.
  • 6 days of the week texting/email support with same day response time.
  • Live google document collaboration for easy reference, learning, and implementation.
  • Within 48 hours of purchasing your first 1 on 1 virtual lifestyle coaching consultation, you will receive a personal email from me to set up your appointment time. Be sure to check your spam folder JUST IN CASE!

100% refund of appointment is available if we are unable to match scheduling times. If we determine that the coaching program will not be the right fit (you must be willing and open minded to be approved for coaching), a 50% refund will be given to pay for the appointment time. 

Common goals amongst my clients include, but are not limited to (All goals include behavior, which is the central focus of this coaching, period.):

  • Weight loss
  • Healing the body of chronic "noncommunicable disease"
  • Pain management/healing injuries
  • Strength gain
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Freedom from alcohol use
  • Lifestyle design (social and career)

Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions before signing up at adam@gyminifitness.com.

The methods I use are based on the general principle that everything connects.  For example: physical stresses create chemical responses, different chemicals create different emotions, different emotions inhibit different postural patterns which can create physical stress. Ouroboros, the Greek symbol of the snake eating its own tail, symbolizes this circular relationship.  Behaviors can manifest into negative, or positive feedback loops. I have used my knowledge from studying neuro-linguistic programming, fitness training, bodywork, occupational therapy, meditation, philosophy, and personal experience to create this system, and with it I hope to be of service to as many people who are in need. 



Three Month Commitment - 12 Sessions ($200 Savings)

Six Month Commitment - 24 Sessions ($200 Savings)


Disclaimer: This coaching may have different benefits than traditional medical advice or psychological care, but is not to used as a replacement. Although the techniques that are used in this program are well researched, and have historically high success rates, the use of them together is still relatively experimental and I cannot promise results.  I can promise my most sincere effort to be of honorable service, and that people who partake in coaching of any sort are statistically more likely to achieve a goal. If these methods do not work, I am ethically obligated to end our sessions and refer you, with the utmost gratitude, to a different resource or practitioner. I treat all clients as if this profession were bound by the USA standards of HIPPA law. Your information, will be kept private. The sharing of your results, or of my program with anyone you know will be of your own volition. My oath is to "first do no harm", and second to "leave those in my life better off than when we first met."