Total Body Balance Payment, Packages, & Memberships

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After you've paid for your packages or individual classes, make sure you have scheduled a few appointments here.

Package Prices: You can bundle for yourself, or for yourself and another/others. Feel free to mix and match. Packaging is flexible, you can bundle multiple people coming multiple times a week, or spread out your own payments. We recommend starting at one time a week per person, and gradually increasing frequency. Attending more than three times a week is not necessary for most people. 


1 Session: $35 (Pay as you go).

Premium (Duos Weekly):

4 Pack: $114 (Save $26 -  $28.50/class).

Legacy (Duos Twice Weekly): 

8 Pack: $214 (Save $66 -  $26.75/class).

Elite (Trios Weekly):

12 Pack: $300 (Save $120 -  $25/class).

Auto-pay is available every 4, 8, and 12 weeks with certain payment providers.

Cancellation Policy:

Please allow 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment for cancellation. "No call, no show" appointments will result in a $10 fee, but you will not lose your purchased class voucher. For example, if you purchased a package of four, and if you "no call/no show" you will be sent an invoice for $10, and you will keep your four appointments that you paid for. If you fail to pay the "no call/no show" fee invoice sent via email, you will lose one of your prepaid vouchers and only have three class vouchers left. (The time limit for this action is two weeks). This is designed to make the penalty less severe if something comes up, or you happen to be human and forget. It is also designed so that Gymini Lifestyle doesn't lose out on profit, or do the opposite of profit. It's less profit for us, but it's also less penalty for you. (A compromise). 

Exceptions to the "no call/no show" fee:

1. If you call, email, or text 24 hours before the appointment time.

2. If you or a member of your family is sick.

3. If you are in some sort of emergency incident that is out of your control. 

4. If you are able to fill your class spot with a friend that pays their own fee.

5. If a different person books your class spot. 

You can schedule appointments at any time here. You can schedule as far out as 90 days, and we will have more appointments available as time goes on.