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This ab assistant is sure to shred your abdominal and sure to be an awesome core strengthening device to bring in to your home fitness program! Make your workout easier and more effective.

Are you – or is someone in your life – obsessed with core strengthening, and doing crunches? If so, then our ab assistant is a great product for them (for you!). This sit up assistant is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment to add to your collection.  This floor anchor makes crunches much easier to do without a partner holding your feet.  Whether you want core strength for the better functional benefits, or you're trying to get a little more definition in what we all know is hiding under there. Your colleagues, family and friends are going to be surprised, when you have more energy, more strength, and more stability around the office, home, and when you're playing with the kids. Experience a great variety of exercises with this tool that has soft, high density, foam padding on the ankle bars that will help you soar through the last reps of your final set until you're too sore for more!

  • Suction cup technology that sticks to clean, hard surfaced floors making doing crunches less of a pain.  Super fun. Ignite your inner warrior and pound through set after set and this crunch tool will stop you from making excuses! The overall improvement to your abdominal strength is going to be worth it! 
  • We all know abs are built in the kitchen (a combination of diet and exercise), but if you don't stimulate them regularly, you're going to miss out on multiplying your results. Core strength is crucial to stability. It really does make a difference if you can make working out in your own time possible with this independent exercise tool! Who needs a bow flex or a total gym cramping their living room's style when you can easily stow this compact abdominal exercise equipment under your bed, or in your closet, or even under your desk in the office. 
  • Continue getting stronger as you invest in a piece of fitness gear that's always going to be at your side (and helping you tone your psoas). Yes, love the burn with your crunches, inclined planks or push ups and back extensions. Enjoy having a stable anchor for your resistance band exercises. Soak in the satisfaction of accomplishment every time you complete a set with our sit up ab assistant. Fast, and stalwart strength and conditioning sessions are in your future. That’s why this home exercise tool has been made to last through heavy usage!
  • Not just for building abs! Modify how you use this fitness gear and work your arms, gluts, and legs too, or compliment this adaptable tool with our resistance band kit in dozens of fun ways!
  • Comfortable ankle cushioning for crunches, or back extensions, inclined pushups.and the suction device is bulletproof.
  • Sturdy, safe & steadfast. Designed to go the extra mileage as you bring it along on your conquest into living the Gymini lifestyle. Space-saving and easy to tuck away in a closet when you are done exercising for the day.   

A Great Gift for the Exercise Monster in Your Life!

Looking for a fun gift to give that person that loves working out every day at home?  Then our ab assistant is the greatest tool for the job. We have had lots of Gymineers (yes I just made that up) tell us that crunches have never been more comfortable, since getting this gift in the mail. Ab assistant makes it easy to maintain stability and form. They are definitely looking forward to, rather than dreading their exercise program when it's time for abs! . It's an abdominal tool that simply makes life easier. They all love the comfort of the ankle padding, and the sturdy design. Lots of them have complimented their resistance band routines with this tool. Gift wrap this abdominal strength equipment for that person in your life who is absolutely going to love it (even if it's you!). This is a fabulous present that any exercise freak is going to... well, freak out over!

Easy To Use On The Go

Yes, it looks easy, and that’s what a fitness tool is about: cutting down the potential obstacles that are keeping you from doing the work. This portable home ab device has been designed to be at home, right there in front of you, so you can save time and get right to your workouts. Take it with you when you're on the go and traveling. With soft padding where it counts, your feet and ankles will still be happy when you have finished your daily reps. Embrace the easy functionality with this crunch assistant. This travel friendly abs tool can even easily fit into a suitcase, or bookbag. So  take it with you anywhere, no sweat! Increase your core strength, posture stability and confidence! Get Ab Assistant today.

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