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Many stories of healing have their roots in the realignment of the chakras. Add this chakra pendulum to your healing story. Measure the circulation, flow and balance of your body with this valuable energy tool. View the body's energetic motion as this reiki tool spins over the seven vortexes of energy that we call the chakras. It's an amazing phenomenon! When you are in control as the wielder of this energy pendulum, you're in for a surprise. It spins! It’s fascinating that it does so with no influence of your own. Learn how it works! So many chakra pendulum stone choices! Choose the one that speaks to you and have the tool to identify problems in your energy field.

Different Gemstone Benefits

  • Turquoise gives protection against evil, guards against negative energy, invites fortune.
  • Goldstone lifts courage and gives a positive attitude; Increases confidence and drive.
  • Amethyst emits far infrared light, eases pain and improves circulation, reduces bacterial growth. 
  • Carnelian boosts sexuality and fertility. Eases lower back pain, arthritis, depression, and neuralgia.
  • Green Aventurine neutralizes EMF, heals the heart, settles nausea, and can calm negative emotions.
  • Blue Goldstone reduces stomach symptoms from anxiety, improves vitality, and soothes joint pain.
  • Roze Quartz brings universal love, restores harmony, bolsters trust, promotes self-love, and friendship.
  • Tiger Eye is a stone of protection and luck; helps focus, and problem solving.
  • Black Onyx transforms absorbed negative energy and prevents others from draining your energy; also creates strength, and stamina in confusing/stressful times.
  • Clear Quartz aids memory, and concentration, is the "master healer" that amplifies energy.
  • Opal enhances cosmic connection, can induce psychic visions, helps one express their true self.
  • Picture Jasper is a nurturing and protective stone that alleviates fear, anxiety, and stress.
  • Red Jasper supports the circulatory system by detoxifying blood and helping the function of the liver and bile ducts.
  • Unakite is the stone of sight that opens the third eye and balances the body’s energy.
  • Lapis Lazuli boosts self-awareness, uncovers inner truth, brings honesty, compassion, and objectivity. 
  • Malachite is another stone that protects from radiation, and EMF and absorbs negative energy and pollutants.
  • Sodalite (the stone of truth) promotes rationality, objective thought, intuitive feelings, and brings enhanced self-esteem and acceptance.

The Perfect Gift for the Energy Healer!

Looking for a fun gift to give a crystal energy enthusiast?  Then our chakra pendulum is the perfect present.  We’ve had lots of Gymineers let us know that this has been an inspiring gift for those with an aptitude and a will to assist themselves. Give the gift of this tool to amend chakra imbalance. Our chakra pendulum comes ready to gift wrap. This is an extremely unique gift for the hip energy conscious person in your life.

This divination tool is waiting for you!

The authentic gemstone beads are absolutely beautiful. This chakra pendant has been designed to dangle and dance with the magnetic flow of the aura. Bring awareness to pathways that are blocked, then focus in on the area and visualize an orb of light spinning clockwise to correct your flow of chi!  With this easy to use reiki practitioner tool, grow in your shamanic mastery. Upgrade your good vibes today!

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