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 Represent your gemstone pride wherever you go with a crystal keychain. Do you have friends that love crystals? If so, then our crystal keychain is the perfect gift for them (or you!). Extremely sleek, it's just the right accessory to add to your key ring, and bring positive energy with you wherever you go, so you're always prepared for some energy healing. Your coworkers, friends and family will always know where YOUR keys are if you've misplaced them because they're like a spiritual magnet! In case you may never misplace them because they'll always be on your third-eye radar! Featuring: amethyst, sodalite, opal, turquoise, citrine quartz, carnelian, and red goldstone. 

  • Beautiful chakra cone shaped or sword shaped pendulum on the go. Sure to be a conversation starter. It functions as a reiki pendulum if needed, and you can take it with you everywhere you go. Vibrant and bold colored crystals are now in your pocket, or purse at all times. This crystal bauble has been hand made with a zinc alloy chain ensuring that your keepsake guardian is always snuggly tethered to your keys.
  • Amethyst is an essential stone for any crystal lover’s collection, emits infrared light that helps calm inflammation and prevent bacterial growth, connected to third eye and crown chakras, opening, calming and restorative. 
  • Sodalite (the blue logic stone) promotes rationality, objective thought, intuitive feelings, brings enhanced self-esteem and acceptance, known as a talisman for focus and clear communication.
  • Opal enhances cosmic connection, stimulates flashes of insight and intuition, helps one express their highest self, kindles optimism, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Turquoise is a talisman of kings, shamans, warriors and travelers, protective, strengthening, guards against negative energy, invites fortune.
  • Citrine Quartz is associated with the healing properties of the sun, stimulates intellect and strengthens the brain, improves motivation, invigorates creativity, and releases fears from phobias.
  • Carnelian bold energy, connected to the sacral chakra, boosts sexuality and fertility, believed to ease lower back pain, arthritis, depression, and neuralgia.
  • Red Goldstone is for ambition, confidence, and also promotes drive and motivation. If you're an anxious person, it will uplift you and bring you more peace of mind. 
  • All these wonderful gemstone benefits at the fingertips of your intentions can be with you wherever you go!
  • Durable & everlasting. Built to slide right on any traditional key-ring as it journeys with you throughout your many adventures! Your new crystal companion!


  • Just grab your keys and you'll be able to see it's just a little longer than one of the key-rings itself. 

A Perfect Gift for Your Gemstone Lover!

Looking for a fun gift to give a crystal lover (whether that’s a loved one, or yourself)?  Then our crystal keychain is the perfect present.  We’ve had lots of customers write in to let us know that their heart is warmed every time they drive, lock, or unlock their door with their key-chain, and they feel immediate inspiration right when they see it. Everyone is amazed at its unique beauty. It is vibes in-hand before stressful situations, or a new job interview. This Is a gift of assurance and a little extra courage through times of need. Send your good intentions along to someone you love. Plus it is ready to be easily gift wrapped.This is a unique present that any crystal devotee will be sure to love.

Easy to Attach & Fun to Show Off Wherever Life Takes YOU!

Yes it looks cool – but that’s not all. This crystal keychain has been designed to function as an amulet that will give you courage when you're in doubt. It also can be used as an improvised chakra pendulum. With a strong zinc alloy chain, it stays on your key-ring.. It’s small design makes it perfect for you or your reiki practitioner friends to keep with them wherever the journey takes them (or you). Choose your sword shaped, or pyramid shaped on-the-go pendant today.


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