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A crystal necklace for anyone who is absolutely in-love with gemstone and crystal jewelry. Each crystal is filled with its own unique healing attributes for mind, body and soul. The power of crystals has been used for centuries. Wearing or holding crystals is thought to promote healing by interacting with your body’s energy field. Each crystal and gemstone has its own properties.Crystal jewelry is the best way to integrate that power into your being. Crystals can be as powerful as you allow them to become for you. How to choose where to begin? Trust your intuition to find which one resonates with you. Which one speaks to you? . Pursue your passion for gemstones today!

Incredibly crafted, perfect for people who love a beautiful stone on a simple, but elegant chain. This  pendant is a beautiful accessory and a genuine healing gemstone! Boost your vitality, bring universal love to those in your life, guard your energy, and bring an enhanced strength and stamina back into your life!   (Please note this pendant does include a chain unlike our Chakra Pendant!)

Featured Gems

  • Blue Goldstone reduces stomach symptoms from anxiety, improves vitality, and soothes joint pain.
  • Rose Quartz brings universal love, restores harmony, bolsters trust, promotes self-love, and friendship.
  • African Turquoise gives protection against evil, guards against negative energy, invites fortune.
  • Opal enhances cosmic connection, can induce psychic visions, helps one express their true self.
  • Black Onyx transforms absorbed negative energy and prevents others from draining your energy; also creates strength, and stamina in confusing/stressful times.
  • Unakite is the stone of sight that opens the third eye and balances the body’s energy.


  • 3.9" tall stone

The Perfect Gift for the Hippie in Your Life!

Crystals make perfect gifts. The purpose of a gift is to make someone feel good. Share some of your positive energy with some true good vibes. They’ll feel healing energy when they hold it in their hands, or wear it around their neck. A gemstone, an accessory and a gift with deeper meaning. 

Easy to Mix and Match with All Color Schemes.

Yes it looks amazing– but that’s not all. This crystal necklace has a huge variety of options. Based on what we have in stock, you can choose from, opal, turquoise, rose quartz, amethyst, tiger's eye, unakite, and much more! With all those options, you have the ability to fit a lot of your energy needs, and choices to go with all of your outfits. And the real gemstones are delicate, polished, and will brighten the day, and keep you centered throughout your journey.

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