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Gorgeous collection of Crystal Obelisks! A crystal obelisk is a powerful symbol. These crystal and stone obelisks are the perfect addition to any collection, and a great gift for the healer in your life. Ancient healers worked with the energy of the obelisk. Symbolically, the pointed pillar of an obelisk represents the journey of the spirit as it travels from the vibrations of the earthly world to the etheric. The shaft is an antennae and the point of broadcasts or amplifies energy. That makes these obelisks a great addition to your altar, meditation space or any place that you want to keep the energy crisp and clean.

As a symbol alone, the pillars of the obelisk support the heavens, our highest aspirations. Obelisks are thought to help dissipate negative energy, making it a beneficial addition to any space where there may be stress. For example, place in the kitchen ahead of large family gatherings. To use for energy work, place 2 or more obelisks around your sacred space or any room. For example, set your intention, then place stones with similar energies in the 4 corners of your space. Amplify your power for good.

These, roughly two inch tall gemstone pieces will accent any room with a pleasing appearance and positive energy.. Your family and workmates will share in the great energy healing benefits of these small gemstone wands. Perfect additions to the collections of the rock enthusiasts. Upgrade your ambient energy with a beautiful sapphire crystal, obsidian rock, or rose quartz stone, and more! Shield those in your life from negative energy, enhance their vitality, promote objective opinions, or intuitive feelings today. 

 Benefits - energetic properties of crystals and gemstones:

  • Green Fluorite promotes bone health, the immune system, increases the regeneration of cells in the body. 
  • Red Crystal evokes passion, boosts determination, and promotes positive life-force energy. 
  • Sapphire Crystal balances the body, aligns physical, spiritual and mental planes, and gives peace of mind and serenity.
  • Obsidian enhances truth, shields against negative energy, and blocks from psychic attacks.
  • Blue Goldstone (Blue Sandstone) reduces stomach symptoms from anxiety, improves vitality, and soothes joint pain.
  • Rose Quartz brings universal love, restores harmony, bolsters trust, promotes self-love, and friendship.
  • Soladite (Blue Veins stone) (the stone of truth) promotes rationality, objective thought, intuitive feelings, and brings enhanced self-esteem and acceptance. 
  • Clear Quartz aids memory, and concentration, and is the "master healer" that amplifies energy.
  • Lapis Lazuli boosts self-awareness, uncovers inner truth, brings honesty, compassion, and objectivity. 
  • Colored Fluorite neutralizes energies, helps with learning, and concentration. 
  • Tiger eye is a stone of protection and luck; helps focus, and problem solving
  • Yellow Creastly (Yellow Sapphire) unites separated lovers, and brings cleverness, wit, glory, law, good health, and worldly happiness. 
  • Amethyst emits far infrared light, eases pain and improves circulation, reduces bacterial growth. 


  • Approximately 2" tall by 3/4th" in diameter.

Purchase the Perfect Gift for the Rock Expert in Your Life!

Looking for a beautiful present to give a gemstone lover?  Then a crystal obelisk is certain to bring smiles. What a splendid gift!  Customers tell us that these are a wonderful addition to the collections of gemstones of their friends, and that the kids are drawn to them. Feel the healing energy and benefits of these gemstones when you hold them during meditation. This is a feel-good gift and a breeze to wrap!  

Every Stone is Special and Unique like YOU!

Yes they're visually pleasing, and their numerous healing benefits are further enhanced through your intentions.. Every crystal obelisk we sell has a unique combination of marbled gemstone color texture, or deep vivid enticing hues. So if you're using them for home decor, you can buy several to fit the theme of all the rooms  in your loving home! Awaken your spirit; balance and restore the energy of your chakras with these amazing (real) polished gemstones. The next phase of your soul's evolution is on the horizon!

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