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Emerald is known as the “Stone of Successful Love.”

Promote friendship, unity, and enhance unconditional love for those gemstone and crystal fans in your life. Our emerald necklace is here to brighten lives and relationships. Emerald jewelry sings the clear resonating tone of the heart chakra. Are you feeling the desire to strengthen that energy in their life? We've chosen to sell this product because it has so many incredible benefits that are characteristic of the loving nature of this stone. Not only is it energetically healing for the heart, but it has a beautiful nature aesthetic that any earth child will love. Every emerald gemstone we sell has its own unique shape. 

The Emerald’s history is fascinating and rich. It was prized by ancients as the symbol of love, rebirth and eternal youth. It has been valued and treasured for at least 4,000 years in many cultures. To it, many virtues have been ascribed. Greeks and Romans believed that emeralds were the gem stone of the goddess of love. Egyptians and Incas revered it as a source of eternal life. The emerald is also believed to be a gift from Thoth, the god of wisdom. Emeralds are said to bestow the ability to foretell events.The Moguls of India inscribed them with sacred texts and wore them as talismans. 

Let this ancient gem rest against your skin and feel the timeless and protective hum.

Surprise someone special with this crystal amulet and all of its brilliance. Since the beginning of written history, the emerald has always been considered a precious stone and was prized by kings and queens and documented by ancient writers. Pliny the Elder (AD 77) wrote: “no colour is more delightful in appearance…And after straining our eyes  by looking at another object, we can restore our  vision to normal by gazing at an Emerald”.  Revive this relic's original purpose and live like royalty! Revitalize your passion for your job, or your relationship with this talisman of love, hope, courage, clairvoyance, and abundance.

Emerald's Benefits

  • passion, joy, abundance, courage and healing heartbreak
  • love, alertness, inspiration and wisdom. 
  •  sinus, muscle, lung, spine, memory, and eye health.


  • Hand woven necklace rope
  • Beautiful green color.
  • A startling and visually enchanting piece.

This Gemstone Necklace is a Great Gift for Family

Know a person that loves rocks, gemstones, and other hippie gifts? These are great for casual occasions, or long hikes in the woods, or doing long days of hard work where you need a reminder that you're loved.  Bring them the joy this emerald necklace has to offer. Your time together will always be loving, and true. 

Every Necklace is Unique in It's Own Way!

We think of ourselves as a wand in the wizard novels; it is the wand chooses the Wizard or Witch. Every crystal amulet that is sent on its way is going precisely where it's meant to be. Your emerald necklace awaits eagerly for your order confirmation. Waiting to bolster your truth. Waiting to protect you. Don’t wait. Order this hidden gem today!

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