Hot and Cold Compress

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Say goodbye to the swelling under your eyes, and blemishes on your face from irritation. Heal the sensitive skin on your face with this hot and cold compress.  It is literally the thing you didn't know existed, but now you need!  Blue and red light therapy?! Warm and cool for circulation and reduced swelling? Percussion massage? That is right! All in one place with this versatile rechargeable USB beauty (handsome) device. Wow your friends with a renewed complexion. Optimize your beauty routine with this and also check out the light therapy mask

  • Scientifically proven methods for skin health. 
  • USB Rechargeable battery cord included!
  • Heating to improve circulation
  • Cooling cryotherapy to reduce swelling
  • Great for overall skin health
  • Vibration massager to ease facial muscles (you would not believe how much we use them every day)


  • 6" Tall
  • 2" Wide
  • 2" Deep

Makes the Perfect Gift for that Person in Your Life Obsessed with Beauty Products

Bring shock and awe to that person in your life who does not even know something so perfect for them even existed! Red light therapy is the true path to skin health. Blue light therapy is also just as amazing. If you're a nerd like we are at Gymini Fitness, read for yourself. Light-based therapy is literally not snake oil. Light is literally a wave, not a viscous oil like proactive! This red light blue light therapy device comes in an easy to gift wrap box. This small hand held face massager is perfect for stowing away in a travel bag, or under your sink. 

Are you tired of trying product after product for your home skincare routine? Night time is not a time to mess around. Get the hot and cold compress today to step into the next generation of skincare.  Take your skin health seriously on all parts of your body.  This tool is not just for use on the face. It has benefits for varicose veins too, and is antibacterial. Cryotherapy is an emerging field and you can have it right in your own home now!  You are going to be impressed with how great this beauty product works. Upgrade your night time self care to the next level, and get ready to shine! Improve the blood flow in your face, relax the muscles in your jaw and forehead, and help out those dark circles under your eyes. Whether this gift is for you, or someone in your life who loves their skincare regimen, this is a must have essential product!  You may even be able to clear out the cupboard of some of the stuff that is not working! 

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