Labradorite Crystal Ball

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This Labradorite Crystal Ball is the stone of magic that's been beloved by shaman for generations! According to an ancient legend, the Northern Lights once were imprisoned in the rocks off the coast of Labrador. Then an Inuit warrior found them and freed most of the light with a mighty blow of his spear. Some of the lights remained trapped in the stone, and thus labradorite is the stone born of the Northern Lights.

Are you bewildered by the unknown? Do you know someone that's just as fascinated as you by the healing and magical power of crystals? This Labradorite crystal sphere is just what you've been seeking. Behold in its mesmerizing beauty, the power of protecting and healing of your aura's vitality, and restore lost energy from your daily activities. Shock your friends, and loved ones with the beauty of this healing gemstone. Its abilities are boundless. Its source is never ending. This crystal ball is not the "see into the future kind", but will allow you to gain insight into your own spiritual growth. Protection, and perseverance all manifest in this beautiful piece of earth, forged over more than a millennium of compression through the inertia from our planet's gravity. 

Benefits of Labradorite:

  • Labradorite is known as a stone of transformation; esteemed for being of great assistance to those going through difficult changes, offering them the strength to persevere and succeed.
  • It is a gift of new eyes to see a new world through its reflections toward spirituality. 
  • Penetrate the veils of the void that hold higher consciousness and your full potential with this powerful crystal ball. 
  • This gem is reputed as the top protector stone in the mineral kingdom. Widely used in crystal healing for its ability to clean, balance, and protect the aura.
  • It’s crystals are said to reflect high positive energy. Holding positive energy can reduce physical and spiritual pain, which in-turn can lower blood pressure, boost immunity and improve digestion.
  • Labradorite’s metaphysical properties work well with the throat chakra (communication), the third eye (intuition) and the crown chakras (higher states of consciousness). Can be used to balance the energies. 
  • This crystal ball is a great tool to boost intuition, the stone can be used by placing it into the third eye chakra which could help you deepen your meditation, connect with your guardian angel, spirit guide and totem animals.
  • Is used to protect the aura by creating a barrier that firms up and holds in your energy. Keep elemental forces enhanced and simultaneously in balance.



  • Between 2"-2.25" in diameter. Sizes vary. The sphere will comfortably fit in the palm of your hand.

The Ultimate Present for the Spirit Guide in Your Life!

Looking for a beautiful present to give the spiritualist in your life whether that’s a loved one, or yourself?  Then give a gift of new eyes to see with our labradorite crystal ball. It’s a great gift idea for collectors of gemstones, crystal enthusiasts and all who are in tune with universal energies. A labradorite sphere is a power crystal to help you peer through any illusions to determine the actual, tangible form of your dreams and goals. Customers are ecstatic about the natural beauty of this polished labradorite stone. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of unlocking innate healing potential. Labradorescence is a term used to call the unique optical iridescent play of colors displayed by Labradorite. Feel the protective and restoring energy when you hold it in hand during meditation. This is a distinguished present that will truly shine. .

Every Stone is Unique and Special Just like YOU! 

Yes it's visually extravagant– but this book is not just what lies on the cover. Every labradorite crystal ball we sell has a unique combination of deep, dark entrancing colors. So if you're using it for home decor, you can buy two or three to create a theme in your lavish home! Reawaken your chakras; balance and restore the energy within and keep that vital energy from leaving with this amazing (real) polished stone. The next phase of your spiritual evolution begins here!

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