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Light up your skin... LITERALLY! Easy to use, and the benefits are monumental! Use this light therapy mask to clear up acne, slow photo-aging, heal scar tissue, rejuvenate your skin, shield against sunburn, recover after surgery, or reduce depression.. The Benefits of visual spectrum light therapy are huge. Just click the color you want to learn about below!

(The micro-current therapy mask model has been discontinued so you may see product photos in the reviews that do not match the photos above!) <3

 Are you – or is someone in your life – riddled with with frustrating blemishes on their skin? Are you a huge fan of the rejuvenating feeling you experience after getting your "me time" nighttime skin care routine in? If so, then our LED therapy mask is going to be your new best friend!  Impress your family with this neat little facial mask device when you pull it out of your cabinet after a long stressful day. Whether you want an almost instantaneous meditative experience, or you're wanting to share mask time and the joy of this product with others.  You can't go wrong with this sophisticated beauty tool.  

  • red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, white light can heal your skin!
  • Experience a little extra "me time" at the end of your day.
  • This facial mask is an "LED" light therapy device. ELT has been proven to improve satisfaction with the reduction of depth of your wrinkles, the softness of your skin, and the improvement skin florescence. 
  • Comes with handheld USB control to set the timer, turn on/off, or increase the brightness of the LED therapy light, and to select the color, or have it automatically cycle through all the colors (according to research this is the best option)! This controller connects to the face lamp with a USB cable. The controller then connects to a standard wall socket. 
  • It's the perfect time to be alive when scientists are discovering new ways to heal the body. This LED therapy mask is unreal!

The Perfect Gift for the Beautiful People in Your Life!

Looking for an incredible gift for that person in your life that has a medicine cabinet full of beauty products? Give them the long term solution to slow aging, reduce blemishes, and wrinkles. That person might just fall in love! You might just fall in love.  These also make hilarious selfies on your social media for people to "hmm, and haw" over. All of the Gymineers who write us about this product are amazed with how well it has worked for them. You might even do your own scientific trial and take before and after photos, if you're a nerd like we are! The package comes in a protective bubble wrapped and air cushioned bag that's perfect for gift wrapping. You'll have them guessing... What could this strange shape be? Everyone deserves to feel loved, and to partake in that routine that brings love to themselves. This is the perfect addition to that routine, mainly because it really works!

Easy and fun to use

Yes, it looks really cool– and it's important to have wellness be fun. This beauty mask is multipurpose, effective, and just plain neat -- with the touch of a button -- you can have instant therapy that's both beautifying, and great for your skin. Whether you are treating yourself, or a loved one, this is a super fun gift for the whole family. The kids will be begging for their turn to use the light therapy mask! Maybe they'll pretend they're alien cyborgs, or they'll just lie back and enjoy, and learn the importance of self-care early in life. Get creative. Get ready for a fun, life-brightening experience with your new fun wellness toy. 

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