Lotus Yoga Mat

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Do you – or someone else in your life – love yoga, Pilates, and meditation? If so, then our Lotus Yoga Mat is the best gift for them and for you. This suede yoga mat features an elaborate selection of beautiful colorful floral designs. It is 6 mm thick, suitable for intermediate or beginning yoga practice. Soak it in. It's lovely! Each vivid design speaks for itself! This product is made with rubber and suede and will provide great traction and cushioning for your practice. This yoga mat features a handful of design options. You may not be able to choose just one! Your family, fellow yogis and friends will be amazed when they see your beautiful Lotus inspired mat. You may want one as a gift too. And the bottom of this mat won't lose its grip on the floor, and help you get a grip on your peace of mind. 

  • Enjoy your practice on a rainbow of color. This mat has a rubber base with a foolproof grip, and a beautiful suede top side with the design of your choice! Inspirational color for your own practice or for balancing, stepping, jumping and stretching activities for children.
  • Time to get off the ice. Take a sure-footed walk to a higher quality yoga mat that shows up for those high pressure poses and even holds your grip when you kick into your hot classes. 
  • The reactions you’ll get while rolling out this mat in class are priceless. This mat’s unique style captures the essence of beauty that a good yoga discipline can add to your life. Be whole and breathe in its charm. Truly be the warrior one with this yoga gift.
  • Give yourself a full surface area for your workouts. That's why we made sure the height and width are up to par with those of all standard yoga mats. You will never run out of mat for your cobra.
  • Heavy duty, and tested material. You can count on the durable non-slip rubber and suede. Texture is important for grip and comfort. Get grounded in the soft, and smooth good feel of the suede. Suede is porous and dense, giving it good moisture absorption. It’s the best surface for a high grip. Nobody wants a slippery mat when they're deep into their pigeon pose. 
  • All of our designs are bright and we offer a full spectrum of color options, make an uplifting compliment to your self-care time. This mat is everything you need for safe, stable and comfortable practice.
  • Safe, durable & built to endure. Long lasting as you take it with you on the go from class to your living room.  


  • Height: 72"
  • Width: 26.75"
  • Thickness: 6 mm

The Perfect Gift for Your Yoga Lover!

Looking for a lovely gift to give a yogi (whether that's yourself, a friend or a family member). Then this lotus yoga mat is an altruistic and thoughtful gift. Many of our Gymineers contact us to let us know how well this gift was received! How excited are you to get this for yourself or that friend you have in mind? It's shipped ready to be gift wrapped. This is a unique gift that's sure to melt the heart of any yoga enthusiast.

Imaginative Designs & Can be Used Anywhere!

Yes it's gorgeous– but that’s not all. This flowery yoga mat has been through the ringer of testing, and withstands all the punishment any yoga mat should be able to handle. With a rubber bottom, it holds fast and steady on all different kinds of surfaces. It’s suede top is great too. Roll it up and get on the move! Stay in a state of ease and balanced while you do your daily Pilates or yoga p

Practice. Treat yourself right with this great self-care gift. 

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