15 Day Online Video Course: Total Body Balance

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This myofascial integration program is an amazing movement therapy modality strategy designed to free-up connective tissues to help you achieve maximum physical function. Open your posture. Move with freedom.

Course Details::

  • 15 day repeatable program (2-3 weeks of variety and increased challenge)
  • One time payment for permanent access
  • 20-30 minutes per lesson
  • Easy movements designed for optimal effectiveness based on the most up to date model of anatomy
  • Best cutting edge form of movement therapy on the market
  • Join anytime from the comfort of your home


MIP is a movement program involving concepts from yoga, pilates, and ballet developed to decrease acute/chronic pain, improve flexibility, and create balance between the myofascial meridians of the body. Fascia is the tissue that surrounds every muscle, fiber, nerve, organ, and bone in the body. The fascia has properties of stability, fluidity, and elasticity. This program uses different approaches than traditional movement therapy to account for all three structural properties of the tissues in the body. That involves slow movement, putting just the right torque on joints, swinging of the shoulder joints, and subtle bouncing to use the body's natural springing ability. No matter what movement or bodywork therapy you do, they all involve the fascia matrix. Why not work with it intentionally?


In the last few years, Karin Gurtner, and Thomas A. Myers  renovated and rejuvenated movement therapy.   Using principles from Yoga, Barre/Ballet and Pilates, they added focus on the fascial tissue and its role in providing support, shape and suspension for most of the body's soft tissues.  Yoga is based on knowledge that is thousands of years old and is defined as union of mind and body. Barre/Ballet emphasises balance and control, incorporating core throughout all other movements. Pilates targets the deep core (transverse abdominis)-- the muscles responsible for activating the core, stabilizing pelvis and lengthening/strengthening the whole body. This new movement philosophy focuses on the role that the fascia network plays for physical resilience and adaptability. Fascia encapsulates muscles throughout the body. One role of fascia is to distribute force by reducing it in one area and absorbing it in another, complexly enhancing mobility and preventing injury. It is important for fascia to be elastic and strong enough to support all of our lengthening (concentric) and shortening (eccentric) movements that enable us to do all things human. 



  • Enhance Stability
  • Ease Posture Dynamics
  • Improve Elasticity
  • Increase Adaptability
  • Raise Body Awareness

This course is intended to be used for an easy amount of time to commit to daily: 20 minutes. It has 15 days worth of practice so once you've completed the course you can begin again and still experience some variety, but not too much variation so that you won't notice your magnitude of improvement. Expand your comfort zone. Start practicing today.