Physical Therapy Resistance Bands

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Easy to use, great for rehab and strengthening. 

Need to rebuild strength and flexibility after a surgery or injury? Want to switch up your workout routine?

Physical therapy resistance bands are great to add light or moderate resistance to exercises and increase their efficiency in building muscle tone. As an exercise tool, physical therapy bands have a wide variety of uses. Versatility is their main advantage:

they can be used in exercises designed for resistance bands or as a supplement to other exercise routines.

Therapy bands are one of the most used tools to aid in physical therapy.. After illness, injury, or even corrective surgery, muscles atrophy and soft tissues become less flexible during the period of immobilization.  Muscles and mobility must be carefully rebuilt to safely regain maximum function. Additionally, chronic conditions and pain not related to a specific injury can benefit from physical therapy, and good resistance bands are a useful tool to moderate the amount of tension from early to advanced therapy levels to regain mobility appropriately.

More Benefits of Physical Therapy Resistance Bands

  • Help prevent possible injuries, strengthen joints and muscles.
  • Add variety to the workout..
  • You can use them to exercise any muscle you want.
  • They’re lightweight and easy to carry anywhere with you.

The Perfect Gift for Any Wellness Enthusiast

These are one of the best resistance bands. They are strong, breathable, about 3 feet long and can be tied or held at the end or doubled over to increase resistance. Keep in mind these Physical Therapy Resistant Bands are intended for areas that need therapeutic strengthening and rehab.

With these resistant bands you can exercise all muscles of the body, to get better coordination and motor control of your body. Ideal in the process of rehab and very easy to use.

Although many think going to a gym is the best way to exercise, it isn’t the only way, and the truth is that these resistant bands allow you to exercise any muscle from home. This is beneficial to your wallet, health and space, since they are also practical to store anywhere.

Step-up your workout or rehab. Order your  Physical Therapy Resistance Bands today!

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