Polished Agate

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A beautiful crystal for balance and protection!

High quality natural banded Madagascar polished agates add balance, stability and beauty to your life. The agate, a variety of quartz crystal, is named for a region in Italy near the river Achetes where these gemstones were discovered with neolithic artifacts. Even stone age people found comfort and felt protection from the agate. Many forms of quartz are used in metaphysical circles. The Agate is the healing stone known as the “stabilizer”. It is grounding and supportive. Traditionally thought to protect from negative energy, misfortune and storms.These gems have been worn as jewelry, carried as a talisman and carved. Agate’s subtle vibrations encourage calm for more focused meditation and pleasant sleep.

Benefits of Agate:

  • Grounding and reconnecting to the earth 
  • Balance energies
  • Harmonize body, mind and spirit
  • Strength and Protection
  • Visual pleasure

Great Gifts for the crystal lover or rock collector in your life!

Give the gift of calming agate. Beautiful tumbled stones are perfect for gifts. They are perfect for a palm stone, pillow stone or touch stone. These healing crystals can be utilized for meditation, chakra work, as visual aids or as travel companions. Banded Madagascar Agates are beautiful keepsakes  to display, hold in your hand or to carry in your pocket. Create your own jewelry by wrapping them for a pendant. Style an earthy eye-catcher in the home by placing a collection of polished agates in a glass bowl or shell. 

Start your Agate collection today!

Decorate your healing space with polished agates. Create your own jewelry for yourself or for gifts. Feel the grounding gentle vibrations and enjoy the harmony and protection of this ancient talesman.  Each banded agate is unique. These stones vary in size, shape, and color. Size varies from 3/4in to 1 1/2in. Each stone will be selected just for you upon purchase. Be sure to check out our full selection of crystals and healing stones.

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