Trigger Point Foam Roller

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For a faster recovery after your workout sessions.

It’s very common to see people in the gym using a foam roller, and now you can have one at home. This trigger point foam roller will eliminate the pain and fatigue from your muscles. Considering the price and quality, this is one the best foam roller you can get for trigger point massage.

You can use a trigger point foam roller before training as part of your warm-up or afterward as part of your cool down. Apply pressure in key parts of your body using a foam roller to perform myofascial release techniques to help relieve pain and tension. But…

What is fascia? And why do you want to "release" it?

Fascia is the thin tissue that attaches, stabilizes and separates your muscles and internal organs. Think of it as the inner packaging or inner lining: it helps muscle groups to cooperate as integrated units. When you are healthy, the fascia is flexible and glides smoothly over your muscles. But the stress on your fascia can form for a variety of reasons, including muscle injury, inactivity, illness, inflammation, or trauma. Even sitting at a desk all day can cause your fascia to stiffen.

More Benefits of Using a Trigger Point Foam Roller

  • Minimizes muscle pain 
  • Improves blood flow
  • Improves flexibility
  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Reduces edema
  • Oxygenates massaged area

The Perfect Gift for the Fitness Enthusiast

The trigger point foam roller can be used before and after your workouts. Before exercise, you will increase tissue elasticity, range of motion, and circulation (blood flow). This can help you move better during your workout and protect you from injury. This is a gift that will help make the fitness routine more comfortable and rewarding for someone in your life.

Using the best foam roller post-workout is a great way to improve recovery. Focus on all the major muscles that you worked with, with an additional emphasis on the areas that you feel are problematic. By stimulating blood flow to affected areas, you will dramatically increase oxygen to sore muscle fibers and reduce recovery time. Most elite cyclists receive regular massage therapy for this reason. While nothing can replicate a professional massage, you can enjoy many of the same benefits at home (or between massages) with this trigger point foam roller.

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